Centre for Media and Dialogue (CMD) will use media and dialogue  as a tool to reach it is short and long term objectives in order to materialise its aim for inclusive solution(s) and dialogue where no one is left behind.


To build the capacity of media, youth and local leaders to play an active role in peace building in their communities through mediation and dialogue.

Our Missions

  • To provide training for people working in the media sector.
  • Provide platform for leaders to share and steer the country to greater height.
  • To continuously monitor attacks on the media.
  • Provide support for women working in the media sector.
  • Advocate for the rights and protection of journalists
  • Participate in policy making concerned with
  • Create platform for promoting peace, integration of the society and


  • Build, train and develop Somali media
  • Support and encourage Somali media, both electronic and print, to play a more active role

in creating peace and promoting tolerance, peaceful co-existence and non-extremist problem

solving approaches.

  • Enhance the ability of Somali youth and local leaders to explore issues in a constructive way

that encourages reconciliation and conflict transformation.

  • Establish ways for Somali youth, civil society, and local government officials to work together

towards a better understanding of local conflicts.




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